1. Scan all the documents including photo & Signature with the scanner
2. Once scanned resize the documents including photo & Signature

How to Resize the Photo & Signature

1. Open the scanned image in MS-Paint
2. Select the folder to open the image
3. Select resize option from the menu
4. Now select the pixel Optionand in Horizontal type 250 pixels (for photo & signature) and 550-750 pixels (for other documents).
5. Now Click on Save as Option and saved the image in JPEG Picture only and not any other format.
6. Save all images in one folder and named it accordingly so that you can upload the documents incorrect order.
7. For details click How to Upload the Documents
Please make sure that the size of documents should not exceed 1 MB and for photo & signatures size is (25-50 KB) and for documents (550 KB to 750 KB)
Note- Please note that in case of wrong document upload the message is sent at Registered Mobile Number and thereafter the applicant need to re-login and upload the photo, signature & documents again
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