Registered Medical Practitioner from Delhi Medical Council havingPermanent Registration Number apply here. First signup and create your login. Once Login is created then login and apply for renewal/NOC/Good Standing/Additional Qualifcation.

Please note that renewal of registration is of two kindsa. Renewal of Registrationb. Renewal of Fresh Registration {those with registration number starting with DMC/R/. Kindly select the registration type carefully. Select the category whichever is applicable to you. you have to input the numerical number as DMC Regd ID.Foreg. if your registration no is DMC/R/12345 then your Registration type is Fresh (FRS) and DMC Regd Id as 12345 and if your registration no id is 5878 then your Registration Type is Re-Registration (RRE) then DMC Regd Id as 5878. Your Registration no is your DMC Regd ID.

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NOTE: Fresh Registration includes thosedoctors whose Registration Number starts with DMC/R/O in RegistrationCertificate

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NOTE:If your already registered with Delhi Medical Council then Select Search by Regd. ID otherwise select Search by Case ID (If registration no not allotted)